PaintRight Colac Easy Sanding No Dust

February 12, 2018

At PaintRight Colac we are always looking for the latest technology in products out there that will make any job that has to do with painting easier for you. We have discovered The Mirka Deros Sander that will make your paint preparation so much easier!

Sanding seems to be everyone’s number one biggest hate when it comes to preparing to paint. No one likes to have to use elbow grease and hand sanding takes a lot of time, electric sanding machines save time but many seem to carry a lot of weight in them making them heavy and awkward to use.

The number one reason for why everyone hates sanding, no one likes the dust you get from sanding. Dust is very bad for you to inhale so the last thing you want to do is fill the area you’re in with dust and it’s so frustrating when you spend time sanding then you have to spend time cleaning up all the dust.

PaintRight Colac has the solution for you the Mirka Deros Dust Free Sanding System. This sander is a compact, lightweight electric sander that will make your paint preparation easy and give you a quality job. After-all the number one rule to painting is the finished job will only be as good as the preparation done.

The Mirka Deros sander can be used on a range of surfaces suitable for both interior and exterior use, this product will make easy work of interior plaster and exterior weather boards. Finally a dust free solution to sanding!

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