How To Treat and Paint Rusted Surfaces PaintRight Colac

April 20, 2018

This old rusted bird bath is going to get a fresh new look, paint is the easiest and most cost effective way to change the look of any object.

All rusted surfaces need to be sanded to remove loose flaking rust before painting a wire brush, sandpaper or abrasive pad are all fine to use depending on how rusted the surface is.

Be sure to sand the surface smooth, we gave the old Rusted Bird Bath a going over with a wire brush to remove all the flaking rust to return it to a smooth surface.

All Surface Primer is an excellent primer to use on rusted surfaces and clean metal surfaces.

This is the old rusted bird bath coated in the All Surface Primer.

For the top coat use a really good quality Spray Paint that is made to go on metal surfaces.


When spraying it is best to build up light coat’s to prevent any run marks in your paint.

Remember to move around the object you are painting, spray painting is all about what angle you apply the paint to get good paint coverage.

From old, weather and rusted to a stylish Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Colour Finish, ready to go back into the garden.

Rusted Surfaces can be easily treated and coated come in and see us at PaintRight Colac for all the quality paints and rust converters for your metal and rusted surfaces.