Cold Weather Painting Tips and Hints from Paintright Colac

June 20, 2018

Dale at Paintright Colac sums up the issues faced with painting in winter with our short video.

Dales Handy Tips for cold weather Painting

Great advice from Dale on acheiving a great finish on winter projects. #paintright #paintrightcolac #winterprojects #hichem #rustoleum #nuetech #norglass #haymes #viponds #bondall

Posted by PaintRight Colac on Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Quickpave dry timeTo summarize:

• Avoid painting if temperature is under 10 degrees

• Conductive surfaces, like metal and concrete, hold the cold.

This will dramatically reduce the ability to dry and can cause issues such as blistering or will remain tacky.

• Drying times may need to be extended from the normal times recommended on products