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June 8, 2018

Paint Vs Wallpaper

Wallpaper, whether plain-coloured or patterned, can be a longer- lasting  alternative to painted walls,  particularly in the vinyl range. Embossed or flock wallpaper also has a tactile effect, while  other wallpapers allow you to hide imperfect surfaces. Although both paint and wallpaper can create a theme or “mood”  in a room, wallpaper can add textural effect which is harder to replicate with paint. Providing a textural focus can create balance and allows the eye to rest and process a certain design – especially when things are a bit ‘same-same’ (non-technical term) in a room using a monochromatic colour scheme. When looking at decorating a room, take into account the functionality and the mood you are trying to create. If trying to create a quiet retreat you would avoid bold designs and colours.

At Paintright Colac we have varying types of wallcoverings and the benefits of each are:
Embossed: Great for covering walls with imperfections, embossed paper is textured and can be painted. It’s easy to clean and hang.
Flocks: This wallpaper consists of a paper or vinyl base featuring a pattern created from velvet-like raised designs. Their detailed aesthetic can be the focal point of the room, however not all types are washable or easy to handle, and it can be difficult to hang.
Foils: This metallic-looking wall covering will add brightness to a room and works best on clean walls with no damage or flaws. Though it’s harder to hang, it’s fairly easy to clean.
Grasscloth: Woven from long strands of grass, this wallpaper is extremely textural and has an organic quality. It’s popular in more contemporary homes, though it’s hard to hang and tough to remove, and you must use clear adhesive to prevent bleeding.
Vinyl: This is the basis of most stock wallpaper. It’s easy to clean, hang and remove, and it works great for bathrooms.

Instore we have a large range of books with the up-to date designs from our main supplier Vision Wallcoverings as well as other wallpaper companies. From murals, to 3d paintable anagylpta, as well as traditional to modern designs, we can help you find the look for your DIY project


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