How to access difficult and high areas in and around the home

August 21, 2018
A few of the Ladders & Scaffolding/Trestles  available at Paintright Colac

A few of the Ladders & Scaffolding/Trestles available at Paintright Colac

Safety is always a priority when working on your projects and renovations around the home. At Paintright Colac we provide tools to acheive a safe and efficient way to complete your decorative goals.

The area needing to access can depend on they type of tools needed for the job, and may even require multiple products, such as Ladders or Extension poles.


Ladders come in varying types and are used indoor and outdoor. Extension ladders are predominately used for outside and are ideal for those projects such as reaching to high gables. double sided ladders often have the ability to double up in length to extend out, which can be used to access roofs and higher areas. Single sided ladders can often be lighter to move around but can still be able to access those higher areas. Smaller projects or cramped spaces can still benefit from ladders which accommodates a shelf to keep your paint at hand.

Always follow safety procedures by securing your ladder, and make sure the ground is sound and even. In some instances it may be beneficial to use trestles and platforms orĀ  mini mobile scaffolding.


Extension Poles

Extension Poles allow you to add better access to hard to reach areas, usually with rollers, but additions can also allow you to use a brush. As extension poles are in varying lengths both fixed and adjustable options- this opens it up for multiple projects. Whether your a DIY customer or a experienced painter, Paintright Colac team members can assist with your extension needs.

Brush holder for those hard to reach areas