August 2, 2018

In the Colac and Camperdown area, many period homes may have had a black japan finish around the edges or may be baltic pine flooring which may have been coated before in an oil based clear or tung oil. Many were covered with other floor coverings without  any coatings at all. When choosing your finish for your timber floor, there are many factors to consider, such as:

  • Individual tastes
  • Style of your Home
  • Matching Existing
  • Condition of the floor
  • Previously coated finish
  • Type of timber
  • Cost


Water Based, Oil-based (including tung oils and moisture cure), Stained, and painted are a few options available which give varying looks.

Water based finishes offer a clear finish to your timbers and enhance the timber without adding a golden hue to the timber. Oil-based finishes will golden over time which works well if you were looking for a more aged/ warm look, or matching to other oil-based timber finishes in the room or adjacent rooms.

Water based will dry quicker, and have less potent odor, but will take longer to harden.

Oil based will take longer to dry between coats but will harden quicker than the water based variants, but will be more smellier and is recommended not to stay overnight while drying.

Staining floor finishes can be done in a few ways, depending on the colour, depth of colour and the type of timber – wether soft woods or hardwoods. Softer timbers will often take well to stain which means the colour can turn out deeper than expected. If choosing this option it is beneficial to discuss with a team member at Paintright Colac you options to suit your needs.

Painted flooring can be applied in decorative patterns or solid colours. The benefits of painting –  can hide imperfections such as stains on timber flooring and dries quicker (water based) and is often low VOC meaning minimal smell. Down side is when creating decorative patterns, will require a water based clear to provide a harder finish to protect the surface.

Painted Floor

Stained Floor

Stained Floor

Water -Based Clear

Water -Based Clear

Haymes Flooring RangeQuantum Mircofloor











In our next  How to, we will focus on application and tips.

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