Monthly Archive: March 2019

Paintright Colac Project- Caravan Restoration

March 28, 2019Peta, our Team member at Paintright Colac decided to tackle an old caravan which was in poor condition with the amount of mould. Mould is very dangerous to your respiratory & can cause skin irritations. When dealing with mould it is important to use gloves and mask to protect yourself from exposure. Below are images...
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Colour Through the Ages with Haymes Paints

March 19, 2019Part of Haymes Celebration of 80 years, Haymes Paint has introduced eight innovative palettes, showcasing key colours, design and decoration from the past eight decades. back in time, from 1940s, to the digital era of 2010. The staff at Paintright Colac would like help you take the Journey through the decades.… 40s – Post war saw...
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