Colour Through the Ages with Haymes Paints

March 19, 2019

Part of Haymes Celebration of 80 years, Haymes Paint has introduced eight innovative palettes, showcasing key colours, design and decoration from the past eight decades. back in time, from 1940s, to the digital era of 2010. The staff at Paintright Colac would like help you take the Journey through the decades.…


40s – Post war saw decorating styles take on a more sentimental tone with traditional furniture, floral upholstery and prudent colours.


The kitchen became the heart of the home during the 50s with families relinquishing formal dining in favour of relaxed meal times in the kitchen. Reflecting the exuberant times, homes were decorated in carefree pastel tones with pops of red and black.


60s was the age of peace, love and flower power. infused with psychedelic colours














Many bold patterns of the 60s were reinterpreted through to the 70s into earthy tones with a more natural aesthetic. Colours became mellow and easier to live with and the introduction of plants in the home reflected a stronger connection to nature.


80s- Decade influenced with bold postmodernist style


90s interiors were all about creating the ultimate feeling of Zen using soft and subtle colours that made the home feel comfortable.

2000s The millennium ushered in the era of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle


2010s – We now have greater access to widespread inspiration and education, creating a savvier market. With the continual changes in colour and product developments, a focus on neutrals allows consumers the flexibility to move with trends more freely and individually.

*We would like to acknowledge the hard work :  Styling by Ruth Welsby, photography by Martina Gemmola 

60s -Paint colours: wall: Danish Blue; Wardrobe: Patrician Purple & Grape Shadow
60s- Prop credits : armchair & rug: Fenton and Fenton; side table; DOMO; Cushions: Safari Living, Southwood & Clickon Furniture; vases: Grandfather’s Axe and Southwood; telephone: The Family Love Tree