Paintright Colac Project- Caravan Restoration

March 28, 2019

Peta, our Team member at Paintright Colac decided to tackle an old caravan which was in poor condition with the amount of mould. Mould is very dangerous to your respiratory & can cause skin irritations. When dealing with mould it is important to use gloves and mask to protect yourself from exposure.

Below are images of the caravan before and after. The cushions in the caravan were covered in mould and through the foam, which were unusable. New foam was cut and patterns were made from the old fabric.


Before 1

Before – Cushions , curtains and surfaces – including cabinets were heavily coated with mould

Before – Cabinets were coated in mould and were starting to deteriorate

Before – The ceiling and walls were also mould affected



Caravan After 1

Walls, Ceiling and cabinets treated and painted with Haymes Beige Mist

caravan after 2

Benchtop coated with Rustoleum Benchtop Transformations – Black Galaxy

mould-action pre treatment

Mould-action pre treatment


Flood mould action is a great mould killer. Once the mould is killed and cleaned, some staining can occur which can bleed through the paint; sometimes may not happen straight away. Products such as Haymes ultra hold have excellent stain blocking properties for smoke, tannin and mould stains.

When curing mould it make sense to solve the issue which caused the problem as it will occur again if the moisture is still getting in to the surface.

In this extreme condition, after treating the mould Peta used Zinsser mould stop primer, which can stop the mould from bleeding through the paint (in severe cases two coats recommended). The paint for walls and cabinets was semi-gloss enamel- Haymes Beige Mist.

The benchtop was painted in Rustoleum Bench Transformation – Galaxy Black.



Zinsser Mould Stop Primer

Zinsser Mould Stop Primer

Haymes Ultra Hold

Haymes Ultra Hold

Haymes Semi Gloss Enamel

Haymes Semi Gloss Enamel

Rustoleum Galaxy Black

Rustoleum Galaxy Black

Cleaning mould can depend on the severity and where it is. At Paintright Colac we can assist with the right product to suit the job at hand.