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Haymes Artisan Collection – Colac Launch DIY Night

July 16, 2018Welcome to our launch – Introducing      Haymes Artisan Collection Haymes presenter Sue McDonald will demonstrate the various decorative effects using the Artisan range. Place : Paintright Colac Date : Thursday 2nd August Time :  5.30pm – 7 – 7.30pm RSVP : Mon 30th July nibbles provided on the night      

How to Spray Paint Small Projects

July 10, 2018  When tackling small paint jobs which require a special paint colour, Paintright Colac has the solution. The Preval Sprayer provides a professional finish with a paint colour of your choice. Replacing the traditional spray cans by offering the opportunity to use your own colour choices makes the Preval Sprayer cost effective. It can be...
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How to Treat Mould from Paintright Colac

June 22, 2018Wether  you are in Colac, Apollo Bay, Cobden or in the Otway ranges, Mould can be an issue. Damp and mould are caused by excess moisture. Moisture in buildings can be caused by leaking pipes, rising damp in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because of damage to the roof or around window frames. Condensation...
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Cold Weather Painting Tips and Hints from Paintright Colac

June 20, 2018Dale at Paintright Colac sums up the issues faced with painting in winter with our short video. Dales Handy Tips for cold weather Painting Great advice from Dale on acheiving a great finish on winter projects. #paintright #paintrightcolac #winterprojects #hichem #rustoleum #nuetech #norglass #haymes #viponds #bondall Posted by PaintRight Colac on Wednesday, 13 June 2018...
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How to choose wallpaper from Paintright Colac

June 8, 2018Paint Vs Wallpaper Wallpaper, whether plain-coloured or patterned, can be a longer- lasting  alternative to painted walls,  particularly in the vinyl range. Embossed or flock wallpaper also has a tactile effect, while  other wallpapers allow you to hide imperfect surfaces. Although both paint and wallpaper can create a theme or “mood”  in a room, wallpaper can add textural effect...
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How To Treat and Paint Rusted Surfaces PaintRight Colac

April 20, 2018This old rusted bird bath is going to get a fresh new look, paint is the easiest and most cost effective way to change the look of any object. All rusted surfaces need to be sanded to remove loose flaking rust before painting a wire brush, sandpaper or abrasive pad are all fine to use...
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PaintRight Colac Haymes Colour Forecast Vol 10 Streetscape

April 19, 2018Streetscape Colour Forecast Is a quintessential urban colour range, referencing the streets and laneways on a local and international level. Showcasing our diversity of culture, old and new, where urban landscapes and everyday theatre become a colour story in their own right. The colour, vibrancy and energy of city life is captured against the grey...
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PaintRight Colac Haymes Colour Forecast Vol 10 Verge

April 18, 2018Verge Colour Forecast On the edge of midnight this colour story creates mystery and curiosity, with sultry tones and matt finishes that are low in contrast yet highlighted with Berry, Plum and Teal to add a sense of luxe and deep colour to any space. This dark palette is the new way for colour to...
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PaintRight Colac Haymes Colour Forecast Volume 10

April 11, 2018Unearthed Haymes Colour Forecast An organic rich collection capturing the essence of Australia’s diverse rural landscapes. This soulful palette comes to life with these tactile, earthy and naturally deeper colour tones. Crafted to mimic the beauty of our wider environments, the palette also draws inspiration from the earth intertwining elements of mud, soil and bark...
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