Paintright Colac Project- Caravan Restoration

March 28, 2019Peta, our Team member at Paintright Colac decided to tackle an old caravan which was in poor condition with the amount of mould. Mould is very dangerous to your respiratory & can cause skin irritations. When dealing with mould it is important to use gloves and mask to protect yourself from exposure. Below are images...
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How to Spray Paint Small Projects

July 10, 2018  When tackling small paint jobs which require a special paint colour, Paintright Colac has the solution. The Preval Sprayer provides a professional finish with a paint colour of your choice. Replacing the traditional spray cans by offering the opportunity to use your own colour choices makes the Preval Sprayer cost effective. It can be...
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Kids Summer Holiday Projects

December 17, 2014The summer holidays are a great time to get the kids active and keep them busy with creative colourful projects. Here are some ideas of what your kids can create these Summer Holidays; -Paint The Cubby House -Get the Kids To Paint Their Bikes or Scooters -Personalise the kids rooms with a feature wall colour...
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