How to choose wallpaper from Paintright Colac

June 8, 2018Paint Vs Wallpaper Wallpaper, whether plain-coloured or patterned, can be a longer- lasting  alternative to painted walls,  particularly in the vinyl range. Embossed or flock wallpaper also has a tactile effect, while  other wallpapers allow you to hide imperfect surfaces. Although both paint and wallpaper can create a theme or “mood”  in a room, wallpaper can add textural effect...
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Five Tips To Decorate a Nursery

May 15, 2015Creating the perfect space for your baby is simple and enjoyable with our five nursery decorating ideas. If you’ve chosen a neutral palette, add lots of colour with pictures and photos to hang on the walls, a beautiful rug for the floor, cushions and other accessories. Ensure there is something cute and stylish to stimulate...
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