At Paintright Colac we hire Floor Sanders for your Timber Flooring restorations. Depending  on the condition of your timber flooring, you may require the finishing sander (orbital sander) or a more heavy duty approach with the drum sander.

Floor Sander Abrasives Guide

Abrasive Belt Guide

                                                     Floor Type and Condition
Grit 24 (Coarse) Rapid sanding & removal of scratches, marks & old polish. Sanding level the joints of sub-flooring like particleboard & masonite.
Grit 40 (Coarse/Medium) Rapid sanding and removal of scratches & light marks. Sanding level the joints of sub-flooring like particleboard & masonite.
Grit 60 & 80 (Medium) First sanding of new level wood floors. First sanding after sanding with drum sander.
Grit 100 & 120 (Fine) Final sanding of all types of wood floor. First sanding of cork or composition floors. Sanding between coats of solvent based & 2 pack varnishes.
  • The information set herein is believed to be accurate and is based on sources believed to be reliable. Nevertheless, no guarantee or warranty is given as to the effectiveness or otherwise of the information and nor responsibility is accepted by the company.

Cupping & Sanding Guide

Uneven or cupped Flooring

Uneven or cupped flooring – Step 2

Floor boards without cupping

Plank and Strip Floors – Sand in the direction the boards are laid, with the wood grain.

Parquet and Wood Block Floors – Sand in the direction of the main source of natural light. If there is no natural source of light, sand in the direction of the longest side of the room. If the room is square, sand in the direction the furniture is laid out and how people normally use the room.

Included above is an abrasives guide and a sanding guide for cupped flooring (timber flooring which has bowed, making the floor uneven).Below we have a brochure & links to our blogs on flooring to assist in your choice of  product with terms and conditions for our hire products.

LInk to Floor Sanding Blog


Operational & Safety Guides

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Floor Sander (Drum Sander)

Edging Sander - Hire Equipment

Floor Edger

Finishing Sander / Orbital Sander