Paint Products Colac

At PaintRight Colac, we’ve assembled an exciting range of quality paint products, accessories and colour inspirations so you have all the choice in the world.

We stock paint products from all the leading suppliers and have you covered – from the simplest DIY project to the biggest commercial job – from start to finish.

Our satisfied customers, both retail and trade, come to us from right across the Western District because they know we have the best range and the best advice.

Whether you’re after exterior paint or interior paint Colac, we have the ideal paint products for your next project. Contact Us for advice, check our frequently asked questions or call in and enjoy the colour inspiration first hand at our Murray Street Colac showroom.

Automotive & Car Paints

Our range of automotive and car paints ensures you have the best quality product, whether you’re touching-up, “pimping your ride” or doing a full car paint job. PaintRight’s automotive paints are sourced from the industry’s top suppliers so you can buy with confidence. We stock: car spray paint Colac automotive paint car paint metallic paint...
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Decking Paint

Painting your deck can look fantastic if done correctly and can also help to prolong the life of the deck by protecting it from the elements, as well as hide any imperfections. Whether you want to paint your deck to match the theme or colour of your garden area, compliment your exterior colour scheme or...
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Decorative Craft & Hobby Paints

With such a great range of decorative and hobby paints, you are sure to find the perfect paints for all your projects. From the smallest project to the largest hobby, the knowledgeable team at PaintRight Colac can help you find the right paint and products for your needs. Below are just some of the decorative...
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Exterior House Paint

Decorative and Architectural Paint With a great range of paint from many of the leading brands, PaintRight Colac is the place to go for all your exterior painting needs. From primers to sealers, varnishes and stains, we have everything you need to freshen up an exterior façade or protect outside surfaces from moisture, corrosion and...
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Floor Paint

You’ll be floored by the range of floor paint products at PaintRight. Whether you’ve just laid a new floor or are restoring an existing one, we have a product to get you started immediately. Your floor sets the foundation for your room or space so it needs to be good-looking, practical and durable. Our floor paint...
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Industrial & Farm Machinery Paint

If you’re looking for industrial or farm machinery paint in Colac, you’ll find a great range at PaintRight. From light coatings to high-performance systems, our range of industrial and farm machinery paint products is certain to include the product you need for your project, no matter what surface you need to paint and what sort...
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Interior House Paint

Architectural and Decorative Paint PaintRight Colac stocks a remarkable range of architectural and decorative paint coatings and finishes, which are ideal for interior house painting. We have primers, sealers, varnishes and stains… everything you need to bring new life or colour to any interior room. Our extensive paint array includes innovative and environmentally friendly solutions from...
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Paint Brands

Paint Brands at PaintRight Colac At PaintRight Colac we carry an amazing range of paints and paint supplies from the leading paint brands. Our range covers all your paint needs including: Exterior paint Interior Paint Colac Automotive Paint Floor Paint Pool Paint Colac Wallpaper Colac We select the best brands so you can buy with confidence,...
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Pool Paint

At PaintRight Colac, we have all the pool paint products you need to keep your pool in ship-shape condition. Epoxy pool paint is essential for pool application whether you’re resurfacing or repainting to make the pool surface better-looking, longer-lasting or easier to clean. You might even choose to change its colour. Because epoxy pool paint is readily...
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Product Range Haymes Ultra Cover Primer Sealer Undercoat – Water based Haymes Ultracover is an interior/exterior multi-use primer, sealer and undercoat, Haymes Ultracover offers superb coverage, excellent gloss holdout and superior adhesion. An environmentally-aware Low VOC formulation that is easy-touse, quick-drying and offers excellent filling and sanding properties. Ultracover is suitable for blocking efflorescence salts...
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Roof Paints

If you are thinking of painting your roof, talk to the team at PaintRight about the best process, paints and products. Not just any paint can be used to paint a roof, it must be a specific roof paint that is made to be durable enough to withstand the elements, especially the harsh Australian sun....
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Textured Paint

Textured paint is a versatile product that contains solid materials that give a “textured” appearance. Because of the textured effect, it not only looks great, but can be used to hide a range of imperfections that may show under traditional paint, such as stains, poorly taped drywall and other flaws or damaged sections. This versatile...
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Timber Coatings & Stains

PaintRight Colac stocks an ample range of timber coatings and stains, perfect for all sorts of projects including furniture restoration and other timber painting projects such as deck painting. If you need to coat, finish, seal, protect, stain or beautify timber or wood, then we have the right product for you. Our products include: timber...
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