Floor Paint Colac

You’ll be floored by the range of floor paint products at PaintRight. Whether you’ve just laid a new floor or are restoring an existing one, we have a product to get you started immediately.

Your floor sets the foundation for your room or space so it needs to be good-looking, practical and durable. Our floor paint range includes epoxy paint, concrete floor paint and enough choices to ensure you achieve the colour and finish you imagine.

In a garage or commercial area, getting the right concrete floor paint is critical. Our sales team can help with advice, guidance and product knowledge either in-store or on the phone. Need to hire a floor-sander or pressure washer? Checkout our Colac Paint Hire Equipment service for well-priced hire options.

Why stop at the floor? If you’re redecorating, you might also be interested in our range of wall coverings and colour inspirations. Contact us for advice on the best paint for your project.

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