Textured Paint Colac

Textured paint is a versatile product that contains solid materials that give a “textured” appearance. Because of the textured effect, it not only looks great, but can be used to hide a range of imperfections that may show under traditional paint, such as stains, poorly taped drywall and other flaws or damaged sections. This versatile paint can also be used to muffle sound, which makes it perfect to use in places such as first floor ceilings.

Texture paints provide a decorative look to bland surfaces. Whether using for interior or exterior, textured paints can provide a unique look to an outdated environment.

The team a PaintRight Colac can advise the best textured paint for your project, as well as any paint accessories or hire equipment you may need.Take a look at the full range of Haymes texured coatings then contact Paint Right or visit the store and talk to one of our friendly staff.


Haymes Designer Finishes Rendertex Coarse is a highly durable, interior/exterior water-based 100% acrylic, pigmented textured coating which is resistant to extremes of weather and to mould and fungal growth. This product has excellent adhesion to virtually any building surface, providing it is properly prepared.

Customer images using Rendertex: a customer used Rendertex coarse with coarse roller sleeve and coated with low sheen solar-shield in Wattyl Crimson Queen.

How to render with Rendercoat